Some of the Features that are gonna blow your mind off
easy to setup

Eazy to setup

kidswagen doesn't require any technical skills to get it up to work, it's made so easy so that a 10 years old kid can work on it
a responsive online console can get all the job done!

live tracking

Real time Tracking

Kidswagen system ensure the realtime tracking of buses as long as they retain the internet connection which makes it a reliable system that doesn't disappoint our clients

Powerful Performance

Powerful Performance

Kidswagen offer a great performance that ensure no lags or delays gonna interrupt the process.
thanks to our powerful servers which works alternately that means if any server crached then another gonna work instead of it as well as supporting the ability to host lots of schools at the same time!

continuous updates!

continuous updates

Our support team keep tracking of all your problems and finding the currect updates for most of the common issues you might face, as long as we get supported we promise to provide the highest quality for you

amaizing flexibility

Amazing portability

with kidswagen schools don't have to setup any kind of hardware inside their buses.
instead, a smart phone application gonna replace all the expensive devices

nfc technology

NFC Technology

When the student get into the bus, he wipe a smart card over a smart phone which gonna allow his parents to know that he just reached the bus safely

qrcode technology

QRcode Technology

in case the driver smartphone doesn't support NFC technology (rare case) then no problem!
students can hold their card in front of the smart phone camera which allows it to read the QR code so that their parents get notified as well

google maps

Google maps

kidswagen use google maps technology which support all countries around the world with full details of the streets and routs which make it easy for both parents and schools to monitor the bus

new features coming

New features are comming in!

kidswagen doesn't stop here, a new updates comes in every month including great features that fills the desires of both families and schools

Get early accessBETAversion

Features included in the beta version

  • Online school console
  • Real time bus tracking
  • Google maps interface
  • Android applications
  • 24/7 Live Email support
  • and many other features!
Get early access version for free

Kidswagen specification

Complete list of the technical specifications

Parents application

when the student wipe his smart card over the phone, his parents get notified by a great application that allows them to mointor their kid geo-location remotely .
they can also get notified once the bus is 1 mile near from their home or once the bus reach the school successfully.
even though the parents have the ability to change their kids home location which allows them to pick another bus during a visit to their grandparents or their relatives .

Bus driver application

a real-time gps tracking application that installed on bus driver smart phone or any other smartphone the school can offer .once the student get in, all what he has to do is to wipe a smart nfc card over the phone !!

Online control panel

a great online console that allow schools to :

apply full control over the system
schools have the ability to setup everything concerned with the system like :
  • manipulating and managing the buses
  • adding students
  • managing students truant days
contact parents
with the smart online console, schools have the ability to send notification to one or multiple parents at the same time which allows them to send notification about holidays, parent meetings or even some important stuff about their kids
change bus routs and directions
with kidswagen each bus has a static route that define it's direction .
so that parents can view these routs and pick the correct bus that fit their needs

Features and options

kidswagen has lots of amazing ideas that solve any problem the client might face.
starting from the powerful NFC technology and google maps services, kidswagen ensure the highest quality of service .

Updates comming soon!

kidswagen doesn't stop here, each month we have new updates and features are comming in
you can also share your ideas directly to us and we will discuss them with our team, if we think that your ideas can improve our system, then you can expect us to include it as soon as possible!